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Publishing & Managing Google Shopping Listings
Publishing & Managing Google Shopping Listings

Learn how to publish and manage Google Shopping listings with Sellbrite

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Before creating a Google listing, it's important that you know which Google Services you have enabled with Sellbrite. To learn more about the different Google Services that Sellbrite supports, click here.

If you have enabled "Surfaces across Google" or "Google Ads", you will need to make sure that your Store Product URLs are included in your product information before you start building listings. Without these, Google won't know where to direct customers to purchase your products.

You can find the Store Product URL field in the Edit Product page. You can also add Store Product URLs to your products in bulk, using a Product CSV file. Sellbrite will send these URLs to Google automatically whenever listings are published.

Just like the other marketplaces you sell on, Google listings are best built using Templates & Recipes. When listings are published, Sellbrite will send your product information to every Google Destination that you have enabled. You do not need to create separate listings for each Destination.

You will notice a Destination column in your Google Listing's Manager, which lets you know which Destinations currently have active listings:

If at any point you want to enable a new destination, you can do so by navigating to Settings > Sales Channel Integrations > Google Shopping:

Toggle on a new Destination and you will be given the option to add your existing listings to this new Destination. Sellbrite will automatically push all of your existing listings to this Destination for you - there's nothing else you have to do!

Similarly, should you choose to disable a Destination at any time, Sellbrite will give you the option to automatically remove all of your listings from the Destination you are disabling.

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