Templates & Recipes help you create and update Listings quickly and effectively in Sellbrite.



Templates are a saved set of options for Listings on a particular sales channel. By saving your settings and options on a Template, you can apply the Template and all of it's pre-saved settings.

Once a Template has been applied to a Listing, the Template will get saved with the Listing, so any changes made to that Template will also automatically be updated to the Listing.

Templates offer an automated way to update your Listings with the product data in your All Products tab when it has changed.

This means if a change has been made to the Product name, description, or any other Product Attribute that is used in the Template, the Listing with that Template applied will also automatically be updated with the changes made to the attributes.


Create / Edit Templates

Templates are created from Settings.

Go to Settings > Application Settings > Listing Templates & Recipes

You can also access your Templates by clicking the Listings Tab > select the channel > Click "Listing Templates/Recipes" button

Within each Template, you can define your listing settings and map product attributes to item specifics for your Listings. Also, if you have added Custom Attributes to your Products, those can also be used in your item-specific mapping. Learn more about mapping Template field attributes here.

Each channel will have different Templates that are specific to that channel. See below for more information on channel-specific Templates.

Amazon Listing Templates

Ebay Listing Templates

Walmart Listing Templates

Etsy Listing Templates



Recipes are a collection of channel-specific Templates. You can use a Recipe to quickly build Listings. Recipes save you even more time than Templates alone, because you can apply multiple Templates at once.

Further, Recipes are very powerful because you have the option to assign them to Sellbrite's product categories. That way, every Product in a certain category will use the assigned Recipe (and Templates within it) when listing to a channel. If you want to quickly add new Products to your catalog, those products can quickly be listed when assigning them to a Sellbrite category.


Create / Edit Recipes

To access your Recipes, Click Settings > Application Settings> Recipes tab located at the top of the Templates & Recipes page.

1. Click '+ Add New Recipe'

2. Assign Templates for each section to build a Recipe

3. Next, you have the option to assign that Recipe to one or more product categories in Sellbrite. This is highly recommended if your listings for a given category of Products use the same settings and share the same product condition.

4. Give the Recipe a descriptive / nick name

5. Save the Recipe

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