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Get Started with Templates & Recipes
Get Started with Templates & Recipes

Learn how to use Templates & Recipes to quickly create and edit Listings.

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Templates & Recipes help you create and update listings quickly and effectively in Sellbrite. Check out the videos below to learn more, or continue reading.


Sellbrite allows you to save your marketplace-specific settings in the form of Templates, which you can apply to draft or active listings.

To create or edit your Templates, navigate to Settings > Listing Templates & Recipes.

Within each Template, you can define your listing settings and map product attributes to listing fields. Also, if you have added Custom Attributes to your Products, those can be mapped as well.

Each sales channel will have different Templates that are specific to that marketplace. See below for more information on channel-specific Templates.


Recipes are simply a collection Templates that you can apply to your draft listings all at once. They make creating new listings even easier since you won't need to apply each individual Template to your drafts.

To access your Recipes, Click Settings > Listing Templates & Recipes and click on the "Listing Recipes" tab located at the top of the page.

Click "Add New Recipe."

Next, assign Templates for each section of your Recipe.

You have the option to assign that Recipe to one or more product categories in Sellbrite. This is highly recommended if your listings for a given category of Products use the same settings and share the same product condition.

Give your Recipe and nickname and click "Save."

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