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New eBay listings can be created from Sellbrite, but before creating listings, it's important to understand what Templates & Recipes are and how they can help with the listing process for eBay.


Building Templates & Recipes

Listing Templates and Recipes can be found on the Settings page by clicking the Listing Templates & Recipes link on the bottom left.

There are multiple Templates you can create for eBay. If you list in the same categories repeatedly, you can create Templates that map to the category-specifics of those categories, saving you lots of time when listing.

You can also pre-save your Shipping and Payment Options, as well as your Title and Description formatting.

Learn more about eBay Category Templates here.


Creating eBay Listings

Listing products to eBay is easy. You'll start by choosing the products you want to list to eBay from the Selling Manager, then click the Create Listings button and choose your eBay account from the list of channels.

Drafts will be created for your listings. You can apply your Templates & Recipes in bulk to your listings, or you can edit the drafts individually by clicking into each listing.


Duplicating eBay Listings

Sellbrite can duplicate your existing listings to create new ones with slight modifications.

From the Listings Manager, select listings you wish to duplicate. Then, find the Duplicate Listings button on the top.

Then, choose the channel account for the new listing.

If you have multiple accounts for a single channel, you can duplicate your listings onto another account. For example, if you have 2 eBay accounts, you can duplicate your listings from one account to the other.

You cannot duplicate listings onto a completely different type of channel. For example, you cannot duplicate an eBay listing onto an Amazon account.

The new listings will appear in your Drafts folder. You can then make any modifications to them that you'd like, and then simply Publish them to go live.


Relisting Ended eBay Listings

Your ended eBay listings can be relisted from Sellbrite as well. You can either relist ended listings in bulk or individually, from Sellbrite.

First, you will want to view the ended listings in your eBay channel, in Sellbrite. Go to Channels and select eBay from the dropdown > Listing Manager for your eBay account, and then click on the Ended listings tab.

Relisting in Bulk

To relist in bulk, select one or more ended listings from the Listing Manager page, and then click the Relist button on top. You can see which listings have already been relisted by the icon in the "Relisted" column.

Once you click Relist, you will have two options: list now, or make changes first. The second option will create a Draft listing that can be edited prior to going live.

Relisting Individually

You can also relist ended eBay listings one-by-one, by clicking on the listing title and then clicking the Relist button. Similar to relisting in bulk, you'll have the option to list immediately or make changes first.

Once you have relisted the ended listing, you will see the new listing on the "Active" tab of your eBay Listing Manager, and the original listing on the "Ended" tab. Sellbrite maintains a copy of ended listings, even if they have been relisted, with a link to the new listing for your record.

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