NOTE: Product Attribute Tags are used in both Listing Presets and Listing Templates, but they function the same way.

They are used to carry specific values from the product information in your Product data into your listings.

To get a better understanding of how they work, let's look at an eBay Title & Description Template.

By default this template will already have two Product Attribute Tags added - #{{name}} and #{{description}}. The surrounding double brackets indicate that these are attribute tags, not just plain text.

The screenshot below highlights the value found in the Condition Note field. Now let's say you want to include your Condition Note to the description field of your eBay listing(s).

To add this value to your description, you'll want to make a new Title & Description Template or edit an existing one. Then:

  • Click the Insert Product Attribute dropdown
  • Select the Product Attribute you want to add to your Template from the list.In this case, we will pick the "Condition Note" attribute. Once you click it, we see that {{condition_note}} appears in the eBay Description field on the Template. 
  • Last, click "Save" to update your Template with the changes you made

Sellbrite will tell you how many Listings have this Template applied.

  • Click "Save & and Publish." This will re-publish the Listings, updating them with the new and improved version of your Template.

Now that you've added the Product Attribute for "Condition Note" into this Template, the Condition Note will show in your listing.

If you've applied this template to multiple listings, each unique Condition Note will be carried from your products to their corresponding listings, allowing you to edit your listings in bulk.

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