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Using Product Attribute Tags
Using Product Attribute Tags

Learn about Product Attribute Tags and how these are used.

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Learn how to use and map Product Attribute Tags, here:

Product Attribute Tags are used to carry unique information from your products and put them in your listings. Using Product Attribute Tags will help you create listings in bulk.

To get a better understanding of how they work, navigate to Settings > Templates & Recipes. From this page, select a sales channel and open a Title & Description Template, or create a new one (Amazon will not offer this Template).

By default, this template will already have two Product Attribute Tags added.

"name" and "description" are both surrounded by double brackets to indicate that these are Product Attribute Tags, not just plain text. They act as "placeholders" for any product's Name or Description values.

A "value" is simply the information that lives in a product field. For example, the Brand value for the product below is "Crayola."

To add this Brand value to your description, you'll want to make a new Title & Description Template or edit an existing one. Then:

  • Click the "Insert Product Attribute" dropdown

  • Select the "Brand" Product Attribute tag and {{brand}} will appear in the description field.

  • Click "Save & and Publish." This will re-publish any listings that have this template applied and update them to contain your "Brand" values.

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