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Create eBay Listings

Learn how to create eBay listings from Sellbrite.

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If you want to learn how to create eBay listings, you can check out the following videos, or continue reading below.

Creating eBay Listings

To create listings for any sales channel, you will want to start from the "All Products" page. Select the products you want to list, click "List Products on Channel", and select eBay.

If you are creating your first eBay listing with Sellbrite, you will be taken through a series of guided steps to help you configure your listing settings, such as: shipping settings, payment and returns settings, etc. This is a one-time setup.

These settings will be saved in the form of Templates, which you can use going forward to create and update listings more effectively.

You will also need to select an eBay category to list within. Depending on the category you select, eBay may have a few required listing fields you will need to fill out. Sellbrite marks all required fields with a red asterisk.

You can provide this information by mapping product attributes to these listings fields. For example, by mapping your "Brand" product attribute to eBay's "Brand" field, Sellbrite will always provide eBay with your product's brand information.

You can check out more articles on what exactly product attributes are and how mapping product attributes works.

Locating & Editing Your Templates

You can build and edit Templates outside of the listing process as well, by navigating to Settings > Listings Templates & Recipes and selecting eBay.

You can build as many Templates as you'd like. For eBay, Sellbrite offers the following:

  • Category Template

  • Payment & Returns Template

  • Title & Description Template

  • Shipping Template

  • Pricing Template

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