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Editing WooCommerce Products
Editing WooCommerce Products

Learn how to update your WooCommerce products from Sellbrite.

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NOTE: If you are looking to update your WooCommerce product images from Sellbrite, this process is universal for all sales channels. You can learn how to do this, here.

Updating WooCommerce products individually

You can update the products in your WooCommerce store directly from Sellbrite by navigating to the Listings tab and selecting your WooCommerce store. Click on the listing you would like to update to open the Edit Listing Page.

From here you can edit much of your basic information, such as Product Name, Price, Description, etc.

Continue scrolling down in the Edit Listing page to edit your product's weight, add a purchase note, enable reviews, etc.

Once you are done making adjustments, simply click "Save & Publish."

Editing WooCommerce products in bulk

Editing your WooCommerce products in bulk can be a huge timesaver. To do this, you will want to be familiar with presets.

Presets allow you to carry changes made to your Sellbrite product's Title and Description to the live products in your WooCommerce store.

Open the "Template" section of your preset. By default, product attribute tags for your product's Title and Description will be placed in thee Title and Description fields. These product attribute tags will (learn more about what product attribute tags are and how they work, here)

You can also use pricing rules within your preset to update your prices in bulk. In the example below, the pricing rule is set to add 15% to your WooCommerce products based on the product price in Sellbrite. You can also configure your tax settings here.

Once you have finished building your preset, navigate to Listings > WooCommerce. Select the listings you want to update and click "Apply a Preset."

Select your Preset and it will be applied to each listing. Lastly, click the "Publish to WooCommerce."

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