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Shopify Quick FAQs
Shopify Quick FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you read the following FAQs about how Sellbrite interacts with Shopify, please note that there are two versions of Sellbrite. 

Sellbrite Standalone is the original version of Sellbrite. This is the most common version, where all sales channels (Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Shopify, etc.) are connected directly to Sellbrite. 

Sellbrite for Shopify is a new version of Sellbrite. This version allows Shopify users to manage the creation of products, inventory for products, and fulfillment of orders from within Shopify. Learn more about Sellbrite for Shopify here.

Q: Can I update my inventory in Sellbrite from Shopify?

A: Yes, if you are using Sellbrite for Shopify.

If you are using Sellbrite Standalone, you will need to make all inventory quantity adjustments in Sellbrite. If you have Inventory Sync enabled, this will update linked listings from all channels. Learn more here. Learn more here.

Q: Does Sellbrite integrate with Shopify POS?

A: Yes, but not directly. While there is no direct integration from Sellbrite to Shopify POS, your Shopify Store acts as the "middle-man" between Sellbrite and Shopify POS. This means that orders from Shopify POS will come into Sellbrite via your Shopify Store and inventory adjustments from Sellbrite will update Shopify POS via your Shopify Store.

If you are using Sellbrite for Shopify, orders from the Shopify POS will go into your Shopify orders page automatically.

Q: Can I connect more than one Shopify store to my Sellbrite account?

A: Yes, you can! There is no limit to the amount of accounts you can connect, even if they are the same shopping cart like Shopify. If you use Sellbrite for Shopify, you can only connect one account.

Q: Can Sellbrite route orders from my other channels, like eBay and Amazon, back to my Shopify store?

A: Yes, if you are using Sellbrite for Shopify.

If you are using Sellbrite Standalone, all orders will automatically be sent to Sellbrite for fulfillment. If you have ShipStation connected to Sellbrite, Sellbrite can send all of your channel orders to your ShipStation account for easy fulfillment. Learn more here.

Q: If I update my products in Shopify (change name, description, etc.) will that update my products in Sellbrite and my listings on my sales channels.

A: Yes, if you use Sellbrite for Shopify any product changes you make in Shopify will feed to Sellbrite automatically. Depending on which templates and recipes you have applied to listings, this will also automatically change your listing information.

If you use Sellbrite Standalone, you will need to perform all product updates for Shopify in Sellbrite, and publish those changes to Shopify.  

Q: What if I change my custom Shopify store domain?

A: If you change your Shopify store domain, Sellbrite will not immediately be able to sync data to your store. To correct this, run a new listings import from Shopify to Sellbrite and this will refresh Sellbrite with the new data.

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