How does Inventory Sync work?

Learn how Inventory Sync works and how it interacts with your listings

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Inventory Sync is a powerful tool that allows you to keep your inventory quantities in sync across all of the sales channels you have connected to Sellbrite.

When enabled, Inventory Sync will push the quantities found in your Sellbrite inventory out to the listings in your sales channels. This centralizes the task of adjusting your quantities, as you can do it entirely in Sellbrite.

A few things to know about Inventory Sync:

  • Inventory Sync doesn't just allow you to make quantity adjustments in one place, it means that you have to. Adjusting inventory quantities directly in one of your sales channels can interfere with syncing the correct quantities, and can even cause you to oversell. Always make inventory adjustments in Sellbrite.

  • Inventory Sync requires that the listings in Sellbrite are linked to the products in your product catalog. If you have unlinked listings in your account, the listings in your sales channels will not receive quantity updates. Click here to learn more about linking.

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