Sellbrite's Updated Amazon Listing Process




  • Jorge Galvez

    Is this for publishing new ASINS to amazon marketplace?

  • Michael Ugino

    Hi Jorge,

    Not yet, but this is the foundation that we needed to offer ASIN creation. Templates (which are now available on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and Jet) allow us to send more data to the channels, while maintaining a constant link to your Products in Sellbrite. Next will come Category Templates, allowing you to map all of the necessary fields in your Products to the relevant category fields on Amazon, so we can provide the needed info to create a new ASIN. Stay tuned!

  • Mehdi Mebarki

    I'm not really sure to understand what's the use for this... I have a product in Amazon and I import it to Sellbrite, I understand that some details will be missing due to copyrights. Then what happens? Can't I just finish the product listing in Sellbrite and be done? Also, the product category, does it have to match Amazon's category? Would be nice to have a video on how to import products (from FBA) from A to Z 🙌😃

  • Michael Ugino

    Hi Mehdi,

    This process is for creating listings on Amazon, not bringing Amazon listings into Sellbrite. Right now we're basically setting the foundation for pushing a complete product listing to Amazon to create new ASINs. 

    We do have quite a bit of content on bringing FBA products into Sellbrite. Take a look through the Help Center and let us know if you still have questions!

  • Jeremy Jones

    I've recently started with Sellbrite, and have published new listings to eBay fairly easily. However, now publishing those same items to Amazon it appears we have to then adjust settings in Amazon like shipping costs and preferences, etc. Is this the normal Amazon listing process through Sellbrite, I feel as if I'm missing something...

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