First Time Seller: Approved on - What's Next?

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This article will teach you how to set up your Jet Partner Portal before integrating with Sellbrite.

Once you have applied and are approved to sell on, you will receive access to the basic account set up to your Jet Partner Portal. To start listing and selling on, you are required to complete the Onboard Runway. This is detailed in the Jet Retail Partner Portal Setup guide.

The Jet Partner Portal is an online portal where Jet Retail Partners, can access and manage their account. You will use the Partner Portal to access the Jet Rules Engine, view your account dashboard, and access reporting.

Upon entry into the Jet Partner Portal, you will be required to complete the following before you can start selling:

  • Company Details
  • Contact information
  • Fulfillment Settings
  • Bank Details

After completing the above steps, you will be 80% completed with your Jet Onboard Runway, as seen here:

You are now ready to Connect Your Jet Account to Sellbrite!

Once your account has been connected to Sellbrite, you will be ready to complete the Test API step of the Jet Onboard Runway. 

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