Uploading Images Taken With A Tablet Or Smart Phone

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This article is to help walk you through the process of getting an image taken with a tablet or smart phone, uploaded to Sellbrite properly.

Taking photos with a tablet or smart phone is very common this day in age. Something that we don't think about or consider when taking product images with a smartphone is the orientation of the image. How you hold your phone can affect how the image will appear.

Tablet and Smartphones are typically set to rotate the screen to remain in a upright direction regardless of how the phone is held. When an image is captured, there is metadata that is associated with the image that dictates the orientation of your image. 

What should you do? 

If you are are taking your photo using a either a tablet or smartphone, be sure to position your device in a landscape orientation. Hold your phone upright, then turn it 90 degrees to the left. 

If the photo has already been taken and loaded to a computer, you will need to edit the image prior to uploading them into Sellbrite.

To edit the image: 

  • Open the image file on your computer.
  • Rotate the image 360 degrees to the left. 
  • Then save the changes. 

Note: The image may already look like it is in an upright direction. This doesn't mean that the metadata stored to the image is set in that format.

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