Can I combine orders in Sellbrite before they are sent to Shipstation?

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Sellbrite doesn't allow you to combine orders through our platform; however, Shipstation has a function that you allows you to merge multiple orders into a single order.

All you have to do is log into your Shipstation account and take the following steps:

(1) "Awaiting Shipments" tab or the "Stores" tab.

(2) You will need to select the orders that you want to combine.

(3) Then select the option to "Combine Orders" under the Other Actions tab: 


REMEMBER: Once the orders are combined, you can create a single shipping label on Shipstation for the combined order. However, the tracking information will only get pushed into Sellbrite for those orders that no longer appear in Shipstation. The order that exists in Shipstastion as the "remaining order" will not have tracking information. You will need to update the tracking information manually in Sellbrite or on the sales channel directly. 


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