International Amazon and eBay Marketplaces Now Available

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This article will summarize the available functionality for Sellbrite's new International marketplace integrations.

Sellbrite now supports Amazon and eBay marketplaces in Canada, Mexico, and Europe!

22 New Marketplaces Supported

The new integrations give Sellbrite merchants exposure to 22 International marketplaces from their account.

International Amazon marketplaces:

Amazon Canada Software
Amazon Germany Software
Amazon Spain Software
Amazon France Software
Amazon Italy Software
Amazon Mexico Software
Amazon UK Software

International eBay marketplaces:

eBay Austria Software
eBay Australia Software
eBay Belgium (Dutch) Software
.BE (Dutch)
eBay Belgium (French) Software
.BE (French)
eBay Canada Software
.CA (Eng)
eBay Canada Software
.CA (French)
eBay Switzerland Software
eBay Germany Software
eBay Spain Software
eBay France Software
eBay Ireland Software
eBay Italy Software
eBay Netherlands Software
eBay Poland Software
eBay UK Software

Primary Functions

Sellbrite currently supports 2 primary functions for the International channels:

  1. Sync Inventory (Warehouse and FBA)

    Sellbrite allows you to make both merchant-fulfilled and FBA inventory quantities available on any channel. This means that quantities located in both your own International warehouses, as well as International FBA centers, can be made available for sale on any channel within their fulfillable area.
  2. Ship Orders (FBA Only)

    Sellbrite allows you to fulfill International orders with FBA inventory located in a center within that geography. For example, any order with a Canadian Ship-To address, regardless of originating channel, can be fulfilled with inventory in an Amazon Canada FBA warehouse.

Also Supported

ShipStation integration is fully compatible with International channels. Sellbrite will pass orders through to ShipStation for fulfillment and will also then pass tracking info back to the originating channel. 

Sales Reports include sales from all International channels. However, all sales show in USD (unconverted), so while Unit Sales will be accurate, Total $ Sales (shown in USD) will be inaccurate.

Currently Unsupported

The following list of features are not currently supported on International channels:

  • Creating and editing listings
  • Price Sync
  • Non-USD currency
  • International shipping label creation
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