Onboarding Process for Walmart.com

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This article will teach you about the Onboarding process for Walmart.com.

The Walmart.com Onboarding team has a 6 Stage process for each new merchant selling on the platform. This process is not visible to you, so use this article as a reference for where your account might be at any given time during Onboarding.

Onboarding Process

Here are the 6 Stages your account will flow through as part of the Onboarding process with Walmart.com:

Stage 1: Approval

Getting started requires getting approval to sell on Walmart.com.

If you have not yet applied to sell on Walmart.com, you can find the list of requirements and a link to apply, here. Merchants who apply from Sellbrite are approved faster than regular merchants.

Once approved, you are in Stage 1 of the process and will await contact from Walmart.com to advance to Stage 2. This can be the longest period for new sellers, but once past this stage the process goes fairly quickly.

Stage 2: Signup Wizard

After your account is approved, you will receive an email inviting you to complete the Signup Wizard. For more info about the Signup Wizard, click here.

The Signup Wizard will ask you to provide documentation on your business to Walmart.com. The documentation will include supplying a W-9 form, banking information, and general company information.

As soon as the requested documentation is supplied, you'll be asked to complete your Seller Profile.

Stage 3: Seller Profile

This Stage involves completing your Seller Profile within the Walmart.com portal.

Your Seller Profile includes all customer-facing information about you as a seller, such as Shipping Options, Return Policy, Tax info, etc. Login to your Walmart.com portal and complete this information to move beyond this Stage.

For more information about completing your Seller Profile, click here.


Do not click Done on the last step, "Complete Item & Order Testing" until we've been able to successfully create test orders in your account. Clicking Done on this step without completing your Order Testing will delay your account going live.

Stage 4: Item Setup

Once you've completed your Seller Profile, you've entered Stage 4 and can connect your Walmart.com channel to Sellbrite!

Item Setup involves getting a significant number of your products into Walmart Seller Center, so that they can perform Order Testing on the products and confirm your account is in good standing.

Walmart requires you publish 1000 items or 10% of your catalog, whichever is FEWER.

For more information about how to get products into Walmart.com, click here.

Stage 5: Order Testing

Once you have items uploaded in Seller Center, the Walmart.com Onboarding team will conduct tests on the orders, to confirm they are passed to Sellbrite and acknowledged. You'll be in direct contact with the Onboarding team for this step.

For more information about how to peform Order Testing, click here.

Stage 6: Go Live

Congrats! You've made it past the Order Testing phase, and your items are now live for sale on the Walmart.com marketplace!

From this point on, you can publish items to Walmart without any restrictions or delays. The Customer Care team is available to help guide you through the rest of the Item Setup process, should you need it.


Can Sellbrite help me list products to Walmart?

Listing to Walmart is currently done by populating a Walmart.com category template, but bulk listing is coming to the interface very soon. The Customer Care team is helping select merchants list items to Walmart as part of our beta testing.

Can I use FBA to fulfill my Walmart.com orders?

No, Walmart.com will not allow the use of FBA to fulfill orders.

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