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This article will teach you about Item Setup during the Onboarding process for

The Onboarding process involves listing a significant number of items directly into your Walmart Seller Center. These items will be used to confirm Order Acknowledgement with your third party software (Sellbrite).

Item Setup

Walmart requires you to list 1000 items or 10% of your catalog, whichever is FEWER, in order to go live on the marketplace.

To proceed with Item Setup, go to your Walmart Seller Center and click on Add New Items. offers 2 methods for importing items into your account, Setup by Match and Setup by Category.

Setup by Match

Setup by Match is a method of listing items based on a matching Product Identifier code. If the item is in Walmart's database with a matching Product Identifier, including UPC/GTIN/ISSN/EAN/ISBN, the additional data required is minimal.

To get started with Setup by Match, click the button to download a workbook. The workbook will have 3 sheets: go to the sheet called 'Other'. It will look like this:

Enter your Product Identifier value in column C, your SKU, Pricing, and Shipping Weight. The other 5 columns are selectable from a dropdown within the file.

Setup by Category

Setup by Category is very similar to Setup by Match, except there is a specific template file for each of the major categories on On the Add New Items page, you'll find a dropdown to select your category.

Completing this file is similar to completing a Setup by Match file. You'll be required to enter a little more information, and depending on the category of product, there will be optional fields available to fill out at your discretion. We encourage filling out as many fields as possible to increase the discoverability of your items.

When finished with either template, simply save the file (do not change the filetype, it should remain .XLSM ). Return to the Add New Items page and drag the file into the Import File box at the bottom.

Items can take up to 24 hours to publish to, and any errors will be viewable in your Seller Center portal.

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