Introduction to Price Sync

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This article will teach you how to sync product prices to your linked listings in Sellbrite.

Price Sync automatically updates the prices in your listings on the sales channels with the price you have entered for your products in your Sellbrite inventory.  It works very similarly to the Inventory Sync feature.  Once activated, Sellbrite updates your listings every 15 minutes with the prices from the products linked to the listings.  

You should only adjust price for your products found in the Inventory tab.  You should never have to manually adjust the price for your listings on your Listings tab, or in the channel directly.

How it works

  1. Price Sync begins with your Inventory in Sellbrite. Your listings must be linked to inventory so Sellbrite knows which listings should be updated with pricing.  Learn about linking your listings
  2. On the Channel Settings page for each sales channel, Price Sync can be enabled and configured, so you can manage how Sellbrite synchronizes your prices to your listings.
  3. As you change prices for your products, Sellbrite will use the link established between your inventory and listings to know which listings should be adjusted with your new pricing, and how the prices should be updated, according to your Price Sync settings on that channel.

Once Price Sync is activated, it's super simple to edit pricing for your Inventory. The easiest way to update price is from the Inventory Manager. Just click on a price to edit it from this page:

You can also use the Product CSV template to update your pricing in bulk, and the newly imported prices will sync out to your listings.


Price Sync runs by comparing against the prices of your listings on the Listings tab, not on your live sales channel. If you make updates to your listing directly on a sales channel, Sellbrite will not know about the changes until you run a new import to refresh your listings. Until you do this, Price Sync will not overwrite what you changed directly on the sales channel.

Once Price Sync is turned on, make your pricing changes to your products in Sellbrite, and they will push out to your channels.

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    Marcela Busby

    This article is not addressing the following question: Does the price Sync also take into consideration the price template that is assigned to the listing? For example I have a template to add 20% to the current Sellbrite price/product to the listing channel. Will the price Sync still take that percentage into consideration? So I lower my product's price to $10 from $12 on Sellbrite but it will push $12 to the channel, while it was $14.40 before?