Importing Your Amazon Listings and Moving them to eBay

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This article will teach you how to import your Amazon listings and use them to create eBay listings.

Sellbrite can help you create listings to various sales channels, but this article will specifically show you how to create eBay listings from your Amazon listings. 

Hopefully by now you've setup your account and built your inventory from Amazon, but if you haven't had the chance to complete our hassle-free setup, don't worry! 

Here's how you can import your Amazon listings into Sellbrite, build an inventory record, and create new listings on eBay. 

1) Import Amazon Listings into Sellbrite

In Sellbrite, you will need to establish inventory before you can start creating listings to eBay, so after you have connected your Amazon sales channel, you will need to run an import from Amazon.

Importing Amazon listings can easily be done from the Settings tab by selecting "Import Data" under Application Settings, and then selecting the Amazon icon under listings.

Choose the option "Yes, auto-build products (they do not already exist in my catalog)". You will want to select this option because it will allow you to use the data found in your Amazon listings to build your Sellbrite inventory.

Something you should be aware of is that Amazon only allows 3rd party applications to import certain pieces of information that they consider universal. To see a full list of what information Amazon provides/does not provide, click here: Show me more

It's okay if Amazon doesn't provide you with all of the product information. You can always add any missing information from Amazon, by using Sellbrite's Product CSV: Show me more

2) Create eBay Listings

Once you have imported your Amazon listings into Sellbrite and built your Inventory, you will be able to use your Inventory to create listings on your eBay channel. If you haven't done so already, connect your eBay channel to Sellbrite just like you did for Amazon. You cannot create listings to eBay if you do not have an eBay account connected to Sellbrite. 

Once your eBay channel has been connected, go to your Selling Manager in the Inventory tab. The Selling Manager is where you will begin the process of creating new eBay listings.

Here you will see all of your inventory that was created from Amazon listings. You will notice that you have all of your single products as well as parent products with any number of variants represented in the variants column.

You can select a single product to list, or list in bulk by selecting multiple products at once. For your first attempt, we recommend listing a single product, before you dive into trying to list out all of your products at once.

To create listings, check the checkboxes next to the product you want to list, and then select Create Listings at the top of the page. 

Select your eBay channel from the dropdown and Sellbrite will automatically create eBay draft listings for you. Your drafts are built entirely out of the product information found in your inventory. The next step is to fill in eBay specific fields, such as category, listing type, handling time, etc. This can be done by editing listings individually, or in bulk using our Templates & Recipes feature.


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