What is your Primary Channel?

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When setting up your Sellbrite account, your inventory will be automatically built from the listings imported into Sellbrite from one of your sales channels.  The channel that you choose for this is your Primary Channel, and should be where you currently manage your inventory with the most accurate inventory data.

For most merchants, their Primary Channel is their web store running on one of the shopping cart platforms that Sellbrite supports.  For others using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) for their inventory, Amazon may be their Primary Channel.  Choose the channel that makes most sense for your business.

If you have some of your inventory in FBA, but manage non-FBA inventory in a different channel, choose the non-FBA channel as your Primary Channel.  Your FBA inventory will be brought in later.

Some channels, such as Rakuten, Newegg and Sears, do not provide enough product data to build your inventory, and therefore cannot be used as your Primary Channel.

If you are not sure which channel to choose, contact the Sellbrite Customer Success team.

The Importance of Unique SKUs

If you're not familiar, the SKU (pronounced "skew") is a basic tenet of retail. SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is a unique identifier for every product you sell that makes inventory management possible across channels.

Sellbrite requires a unique SKU for every product in your inventory, whether a single item or a product with multiple variations. For a product with variations, each variation gets its own SKU. 

If the items/listings on your sales channels do not have unique SKUs, you will need to update your listings so that there are no duplicate SKUs.  Sellbrite will automatically generate SKUs for your inventory if the field is blank on your listings.

Sellbrite also uses SKUs to automatically link your listings from each channel to the matching product in your inventory to keep everything in sync.  Without unique SKUs in your inventory and matching SKUs on the listings on each channel, Sellbrite cannot automatically link them together.


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