How Do I Get My FedEx Meter Number?

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To connect your FedEx account to Sellbrite, you need to enter your FedEx meter number.

How to locate your Meter Number

  1. Go to the FedEx Developer Center for FedEx Web Services.
  2. Click Move to Production. FedEx offers both Test and Production modes for your shipments. Select Get Production Key.
  3. Click on "Get Production Key."
  4. On the Application Profile step, enter the options as you see in the screenshot below. Make sure to choose Corporate Developer as your role. Click Continue.
  5. Accept the License Agreement and click Continue.
  6. On the Contact Info step, enter your FedEx account number and confirm your contact info.  Click Continue.
  7. On the Developer Info step, decide if you want to update your contact info. Click Continue.
  8. After submitting this data, you will receive your FedEx Meter Number.

  9. Go back to your Sellbrite account, then go to the Shipping Carriers page. Select FedEx and enter both your account number and your meter number. 

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    Brandon Robertson

    There seems to be some missing steps in this process and when I called FedEx to help me out they were clueless. I was shifted around to several people and no one knew what a meter number was or could help me. The best they could do was tell me that I should use Sellbrite's own meter number. Can you help?

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    Brian Nolan

    Brandon, this article has been updated with more detailed steps and screenshots. As long as you have a FedEx account, you should be able to access your Meter Number. Sorry to hear they are not more helpful.