AutoMCF to Sellbrite Transition - Part 1

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To schedule your transition over the phone with the Success Team, click here.

For merchants who wish to transition to Sellbrite on their own, this article will outline the steps to setup your new Sellbrite account and transition from AutoMCF.

IMPORTANT! If connecting Non-US sales channels, you'll need to send a message to to activate International Channels on your Sellbrite account.

Once you have created a Sellbrite account, follow these steps in the Onboarding Wizard to seamlessly transition from AutoMCF:

1) Connect your Amazon account

Select Amazon from the list of available channels.

Enter an Account Name for the Amazon account you're connecting, and follow the next steps as outlined. If you have a Non-US Amazon channel, select your country from the dropdown.

2) Begin import from Amazon

Having only connected Amazon in the previous steps, select Amazon as your Primary Sales Channel.

This import will automatically begin importing your FBA Inventory into Sellbrite, along with all Active FBM and FBA Listings found in your now connected Amazon account.

This concludes the first part of the setup of your Sellbrite account.

DO NOT add any other sales channels (eBay, Rakuten, etc.) unless you plan on completing Part 2 of the setup entirely. Doing so may cause duplicate fulfillment orders in FBA.


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