Assigning Product Tags

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This article will teach you how to create Product Tags and how to assign them to your products.

Product Tags, similar to Product Categories, are for your own internal use in Sellbrite. They are meant to help you better organize and manage your products, for inventory and/or listing purposes. Tags can be used to group products together for bulk editing; managing inventory; identifying similar products for listing purposes and overall organization of your catalog. 

In addition to allowing you to organize your products for listing, Product Tags pass through to the associated listings, so when you assign a Product Tag to a product, that tag gets passed to the listing linked to that product. This makes it easier to organize and manipulate a set of listings in bulk instead of doing so one at a time. For instance, if you group your listings together with Product Tags, then you can apply listing presets or listing Templates & Recipes to that tagged group.

When you need to change listing presets or listing Templates and Recipes on existing listings, then using Product Tags to do so for a group of listings may be the best way to go. 

Creating Product Tags

There are two ways to add and assign Product Tags in Sellbrite: in bulk or individually.

Bulk Assigning Tags

Products can be tagged in bulk, within your Product Catalog. Simply select the products you want to tag, and then select "Add Tags" at the top of the page.

From here, you can add a new tag to these products, or simply add them to an existing tag or multiple tags at once.

Individually Assigning Tags

Products can also be tagged individually, when manually creating products or editing products within the interface.

Add your tags to your selected product in the Product Info section, and simply save your changes.

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