Managing Inventory for Variation Listings

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This article will teach you how to add SKUs to your eBay listing variations, in order to allow Sellbrite to manage inventory.

Sellbrite can manage inventory for your eBay listings, including listings that have variations. In order for Sellbrite to manage inventory for these listing variations, however, your variations must have SKUs.

Sellbrite puts a SKU inside each variation when it creates listings for you. However, if you have an existing variation listing on eBay, and your variations do not have SKUs, you'll need to add a unique SKU for each variation in the Custom Label field of eBay.

You can quickly and easily add Custom Labels in bulk inside Selling Manager. First you'll need to Customize Columns to make the Custom Label field visible. Then simply edit your variation listings, individually or in bulk.

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    Babette Ogawa

    My variations have SKUs but my titles do not. Without an SKU for the title, I can't seem to get the variations which do have SKUs to work.