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Q: Does Sellbrite work with eBay Motors?

A: Yes! Sellbrite does integrate with eBay Motors, however we cannot create or edit listing data for Motors listings. eBay Motors listings can utilize Sellbrite inventory and order management, just like every other channel. Merchants would simply need to create their listings on eBay, and import them into Sellbrite.


Q: Can I list multiple products at once to eBay using Sellbrite?

A: Yes, but the multiple products you're trying to list at once must fall under 1 Primary Category in eBay. This means that if I have 100 products I want to list and they all fall under the primary category "Clothing, Shoes & Accessories > Men's Clothing > T-Shirts" in eBay, then all 100 products can be listed at the same time. However, if 50 were Men's T-Shirts and the other 50 were Women's T-Shirts (another category in eBay), then I would need to list out the first 50 in one batch and the next 50 in another batch.


Q: Why do I keep getting errors when listing my products to eBay?

A: When trying to create listings on eBay, specific errors can sometimes appear that hinder the listing from publishing. These errors are generated by eBay and are not created by Sellbrite, so we've put together an article with some of the more common eBay errors and how to troubleshoot them from Sellbrite. Show me more


Q: Why do I need the SIZE for the Parent of a variation listing?

A: You don't! The only reason that you're seeing a size requirement for your variation listing is because you mapped the field values incorrectly. Follow the steps found here to remove the "size" for the parent listing.


Q: If I update my listings in eBay (change name, description, etc.) will that update my products in Sellbrite and my listings on my sales channels.

A: No. Similar to inventory sync, product updates or changes should be made in Sellbrite first, then you can update your linked listings accordingly. Show me more


Q: Can I schedule eBay listings to list at a certain date/time using Sellbrite?

A: No. This feature is not yet supported in Sellbrite, but it is something we are developing. 

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