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Q: Can I use Sellbrite to list my products to Amazon?

A: Yes, but it's important to understand how the Amazon marketplace works. Amazon has their own product catalog with hundreds of millions of products in it. Sellbrite can create a listing for one of the products in Amazon's catalog. Your listing will then be displayed underneath that product on Amazon, along with the listings of all the other merchants who sell that product. Show me more


Q: How do I sell products that are not currently on Amazon?

A: Sellbrite currently only supports creating Amazon listings for products that exist in Amazon's retail catalog. If you want to sell a product that does not currently exist in Amazon's retail catalog, you'll need to create a new product detail page in Amazon Seller Central, which will also create the listing. Unfortunately, Sellbrite cannot help you create the product detail page yet. Show me more


Q: Can I create multiple listings on Amazon for 1 product?

A: Yes! You already have one Amazon listing for a product and want to create more. Because Amazon requires every SKU/ASIN combination to be unique, Sellbrite won't allow you to just create more listings for that SKU. You'll need to duplicate an already existing listing from Amazon and publish it with a different SKU. Show me more


Q: Can I update my inventory in Sellbrite from Amazon?

A: No. Sellbrite's inventory sync is the exact inverse of this method, allowing you to update inventory from one location (Sellbrite), which then updates all connected channels, including Amazon. Show me more


Q: Does Sellbrite integrate with Amazon FBA?

A: Yes! Sellbrite offers a robust integration with Fulfillment by Amazon, which means you can list your FBA items on other sales channels, sync your FBA stock levels to listings on any channel, and fulfill orders from any channel using your FBA inventory. Show me more


Q: Can Sellbrite route orders from my other channels, like eBay and Amazon, back to my Amazon Seller Central account?

A: No, but if you're using FBA, Sellbrite lets you use Fulfillment by Amazon to ship any orders, from any channels, as long as you have available inventory. Show me more


Q: Why is the product built from Amazon missing images and the description?

A: Amazon only allows certain information to be shared with 3rd party apps. The information that is brought into Sellbrite is considered universal knowledge—images and descriptions are not. Click here to see a complete list of what Sellbrite does and doesn't import from Amazon: Show me more


Q: How do I find the product in Amazon that I want to sell?

A: When you are creating an Amazon listing in Sellbrite, the Amazon Product Lookup feature will help you find the matching product in Amazon's catalog that you want to sell. Show me more

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