Managing Etsy Orders

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This article will teach you about Order Fulfillment for Etsy using Sellbrite.

Orders are pulled into Sellbrite every 15 minutes from Etsy, and any other connected channels.

Orders come into Sellbrite attached to a Listing, which must be linked to a Product, so that Sellbrite can adjust inventory quantities across all channels for that Product.

Orders are displayed by their statuses, which also update every 15 minutes. When you click on the Orders tab, you will start in the 'Ready to Ship' tab by default.



Open orders include those that are Awaiting Payment, as well as those marked Ready to Ship.

Canceling orders

Orders cannot be canceled in Sellbrite. To cancel an order, you must do so on Etsy.

Third party tools (like Sellbrite) do not receive canceled order updates from Etsy. If an order is canceled on Etsy, the order status will need to be adjusted in Sellbrite. This is done by manually marking an order as canceled (see below).

Note: Because Etsy does not indicate to Sellbrite if an order is canceled, inventory that is Reserved for an order will NOT return to your Available inventory pool by simply canceling the order in Etsy. Inventory will be removed from Reserved and returned to Available once the order is marked as canceled in Sellbrite.

Mark order as "Canceled"

While you can't cancel an Etsy order from within Sellbrite, you can adjust the order status to Canceled. This will "release" the inventory, moving any Reserved quantities back to Available.

To change the status to Canceled, open the order page and click 'Mark as Canceled.' A window will appear reminding you to cancel the order via Etsy. Click OK. The order is moved to the Canceled tab, and the inventory should be adjusted.


Fulfilling orders

Orders can be processed and shipped directly from Sellbrite. Once an order is marked Ready to Ship, you can create the shipping label. Tracking Information will appear in the Shipments section for the order and will be updated on the originating channel, automatically. Show me more


If you do not want to create your shipping label directly from Sellbrite, and do not fulfill your orders through a connected third party, you can manually send the shipping information back to Etsy by clicking 'Mark as Shipped' and filling out the shipment tracking details.

Note: If you want to manually send the order to FBA, you can click the 'Send to FBA' button and choose the quantity and shipping speed. Show me more


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