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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I manage inventory for Etsy?

A: Yes! You can list multiple units of a single item and you can also list multiple units of your variations. However, Etsy does not allow for variations to have their own individual listing quantities, because there is no concept of a SKU on the Etsy marketplace. Hence, variations have no dedicated inventory. Merchants with varying stock levels on a variation listing will be unable to show the actual quantities of stock per variation. Show me more


Q: Will Sellbrite generate SKUs for my products from Etsy?

A: Yes, but only if you choose to automatically build products in Sellbrite from your Etsy listings. Remember that Etsy does not have any concept of a SKU, so automatically building products in Sellbrite from Etsy will auto-generate SKUs. Show me more


Q: If I update my listings in Etsy (change name, description, etc.) will that update my products in Sellbrite and my listings on my sales channels.

A: No. Similar to inventory sync, product updates or changes should be made in Sellbrite first, then you can update your linked listings accordingly.


Q: Why do my variations look different on Etsy?

A: When listing your variation items on Etsy, Sellbrite combines the different variation fields into one custom variant per SKU. Show me more

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