Enabling Inventory Sync

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This article will teach you how to enable Inventory Sync and set Inventory rules.

Inventory Sync

***Before turning on inventory sync, make sure to read this quick overview.***

Your listings are all linked to products, and your inventory rules have been set.

It's time to turn on inventory sync.

1) Turn on the inventory sync toggle

It will light up to blue when it's turned on (shown below).


Inventory Rules

Inventory rules are a way to limit how much of your stock is visible on WooCommerce. Using inventory rules is a powerful way to get a competitive advantage. Inventory rules are calculated from the "Available" quantities you have to sell. Each channel allows you to set 3 kinds of inventory rules:

Percentage of Available

The percentage of available inventory rule let's you, literally, send only a percentage of your available quantities to WooCommerce. This is a great option for merchants who like to keep some units in reserve for offline orders.

The rule works by rounding down to the nearest unit. For example, if you have a rule of 90%, and you only have 1 unit remaining, Sellbrite will update your listing to 0 (rounded down from 0.9).

If you have a rule of 40%, and you have 2 units remaining, Sellbrite will again update your listing to 0 (40% of 2 units is 0.8 units).


The maximum quantity rule is very powerful. Setting a maximum quantity means that no matter how many units you have in stock, Sellbrite will show a maximum of X units on your listings for WooCommerce. In the example below, your listings would show 2 units, even if you had 10 units in stock.

Once you dip below your maximum, your actual available quantity will show. So if you have a maximum rule of 5, and you have 3 units available, your listings will show 3 units.

The maximum quantity rule is a great way to show scarcity on your listings, hide how many you truly have from other sellers, and circumvent selling limits imposed by some channels, like WooCommerce.


The minimum quantity rule has a very specific application. Setting a minimum quantity means that no matter how few you have, Sellbrite will show a minimum of X units.

This means that if your available quantity goes to 0, but you have a minimum quantity rule of 1, Sellbrite will keep your listing at 1. You ONLY want to use this setting if your products never run out of stock.


Warehouse Locations

Sellbrite allows for multiple warehouse locations, meaning if you store inventory for each product in multiple warehouses, you can update and manage each location’s quantity separately.

You can sort the order of your warehouses here to set which warehouse is "primary" for WooCommerce, and designate backup warehouses as well, if so desired.

However, your inventory rules above will combine the total inventory quantities for ALL of your active warehouses on this sales channel to calculate your Total Available per product. Thus, if each warehouse has 3 units of your product, you would have a Total Available of 12 on this channel. Your inventory rules will then adjust that total.

To disable a warehouse, simply drag it to the right.


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