Creating Amazon Listings

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This article will teach you how to create Amazon listings from Sellbrite

New Amazon listings can be created from Sellbrite, but before creating listings, it's important to understand what a Preset is and how it can help us in the listing process for Amazon.

Building a Preset

Listing Presets can be found on the Settings page by clicking the Listing Presets link on the left.

Add a new preset by clicking the "Add Preset" button on the next page and then selecting Amazon.


Amazon Preset Sections

Each sales channel has different listing settings and options. For Amazon, save all of your commonly used settings into a Listing Preset, so you don't have to repeat your work.


The Pricing section of the Amazon Preset allows you to mark UP, mark DOWN or just leave your pricing as is from your products in Sellbrite, for the listings you're creating to Amazon. In the example below, we have a product in Sellbrite with a price of $10 and we're applying a (+ 10%) mark UP. The listing (only on Amazon) will be published with a price of $11 ($10 + 10% = $11).

Note: If you want to list your products using only your Product price from Sellbrite, you would leave this section blank.

Enabling the Sale Price feature to allows you set a Sale Start Date and End Date in which your listing is marked down from the Listing Price you set for the sale dates you choose. If you don't want to offer a sale period for your Amazon listings, you would leave this section blank. 

Listing Options

The Listing Options section of the Amazon Preset allows you to include additional information such as a Start Selling Date, Restock Date, Handling Time, Tax Code and Condition Note options for the listings you're creating to Amazon. 


Creating Amazon Listings

Before creating listings to Amazon, it's important to understand how the Amazon marketplace works. Amazon has their own product catalog with hundreds of millions of products in it. Sellbrite can create listings for products already in Amazon's catalog. Your listing will then be displayed underneath that product on Amazon, along with listings of all the other merchants who sell that product.

To begin creating Amazon listings from Sellbrite, you'll start by choosing the products you want to list to Amazon from the Products page, then click the "Create Listings" button and choose your Amazon account from the list of channels.

You'll now enter the Listings Builder for Amazon. Follow the steps of the Listings Builder until you reach the final step, "Complete your listings".

From here, the Amazon Product Lookup will automatically search Amazon's catalog if you supplied a Product ID (e.g. UPC, EAN, ISBN) or ASINs in your Sellbrite product data.

Note: ASINs can be added to your products in Sellbrite before you begin creating listings to Amazon, so the Amazon Product Lookup tool will automatically find the matching ASINs in Amazon for you once you reach the last step of the Listing Builder. Show me more

If a match is found, there's nothing more you need to do.  If no match or more than one match is found, then you can select the correct product to sell from the search results.

If no Product ID or ASIN is supplied, you can search Amazon's catalog using the product title or other keywords to find a matching product. Choose the correct product from the results, and you are good to go!

You can also make last minute adjustments to your listings before you publish them live. Once your listings are done, simply select "Publish All Listings" on the top of the page and your listings will publish live onto Amazon.


Creating Multiple Amazon Listings for One Product

You already have one Amazon listing for a product and want to create more. Because Amazon requires every SKU/ASIN combination to be unique, Sellbrite won't allow you to just create more listings for that SKU.

You'll need to duplicate an already existing listing from Amazon and publish it with a different SKU.

1) Duplicate your Existing Listing

On the Listings Manager page of your Amazon channel, find and select the listing(s) you want to create another listing for and select "Duplicate"

Notice your current SKU in the SKU column. You're going to change this once your duplicate listing is created and don't worry, duplicating this listing is first going to only create a new draft listing in Sellbrite.

2) Change the SKU in your new Draft Listing

Here in the Edit Listing page of your newly duplicated listing, you'll notice that this Draft listing is automatically linked to your Product in Sellbrite. All you need to do now is change the SKU for this listing and select "Save & Publish" for the listing to go live on Amazon for this ASIN.

Once the listing is Active with your new SKU, you can see your multiple Amazon listings for this Product by clicking on the Product Link from this Edit Listing page and viewing the listings for this Product



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