Creating BigCommerce Listings

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This article will teach you how to create BigCommerce listings from Sellbrite.

New BigCommerce products can be created from Sellbrite, but before creating products, it's important to understand what a Preset is and how it can help us in the listing process for BigCommerce.

Building a Preset

Listing Presets can be found on the Settings page by clicking the Listing Presets link on the left.

Add a new preset by clicking the "Add Preset" button on the next page and then selecting BigCommerce.


BigCommerce Preset Sections

Each sales channel has different listing settings and options. For BigCommerce, save all of your commonly used settings into a Listing Preset, so you don't have to repeat your work.


The Template section of the BigCommerce Preset allows you to use what Sellbrite calls "Product Tags" to automatically pre-fill the "Title" and "Description" fields for the BigCommerce products you're applying this preset to. In the example below, we're using the product tag {{name}}, which literally is the name of our product from Sellbrite, for our BigCommerce Title and {{description}} for our BigCommerce Description...


The Pricing section of the BigCommerce Preset allows you to mark UP, mark DOWN or just leave your pricing as is from your products in Sellbrite, for the BigCommerce products you're applying this preset to. In the example below, we have a product in Sellbrite with a price of $10 and we're applying a (+ 10%) mark UP. The listing (only on BigCommerce) will be published with a price of $11 ($10 + 10% = $11).

Note: If you want to list your products using only your Product price from Sellbrite, you would leave this section blank.


The Shipping section of the BigCommerce Preset allows you set a Fixed Shipping Cost and/or offer Free Shipping for the BigCommerce products you're applying this preset to. If left blank, the default shipping calculator will be used during checkout in your BigCommerce Store.

Other Details

The Other Details section of the BigCommerce Preset simply allows you to enter various information that may pertain to the products you're applying this preset to, like Warranty Information, Search Keywords, Visibility and so forth.


Creating BigCommerce Products

Listing products to BigCommerce is easy.  Just like when creating listings on marketplaces, you'll start by choosing the products you want to list from the Products page.

Then, click the Create Listings button and choose your Bigcommerce account from the list of channels.

Draft Bigcommerce listings will be created for all of the products you selected.

From here, you can apply a Listing Preset to one or more of the Draft listings (see how to create a Listing Preset), or you can click on an individual listing to make modifications.

Once you are done modifying your Draft listings, you will select them and click the Publish button to publish them to Bigcommerce.

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