Release Notes - 8/12/15

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Today's product update includes a number of new features, fixes and updates. Key updates are highlighted in bold.

  • Bigcommerce Listing Functionality (learn more)
    • List products to Bigcommerce
    • Edit & Revise Bigcommerce Listings
    • Listing Presets for Bigcommerce
    • Bulk assign Bigcommerce categories
    • Variation Support
  • Simplified Inventory
    • Removed Receive/Adjust functionality
    • Replaced with simple inventory field
  • Bulk Inventory Editor (learn more)
    • Edit On-Hand inventory quantities, bin locations and cost in bulk
    • Excel-like editable cells
    • Copy/paste values directly from Excel
    • Drag cell corner to copy values to other cells
  • Duplicate Products (learn more)
  • Added SKUs to the Product Catalog view
  • Included images on Order items
  • Pass order item images to ShipStation with order details
  • Added Tax Code and Condition Note fields to Amazon listings and presets
  • Added image placeholder for products with no images
  • Added adjustable column widths on Product Catalog and Inventory Manager
  • Added product images to the Inventory Manager
  • Improved Inventory Manager to show variation details
  • Added ability to delete variations from draft Etsy listings
  • Added channel nickname to packing slips
  • Various bug fixes
If you have any questions about any of these features, fixes, or updates, feel free to message us.
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