Magento Server Configuration

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This article will provide assistance with configuring your Magento server to work with Sellbrite.  Please contact your system administrator if you need help with this.

.htaccess File

The server where your Magento instance is installed must be configured to enable the SOAP API. This can be done by modifying the .htaccess file on your server.


Here is a sample .htaccess file that contains the necessary code to enable both APIs and allow you to connect your Magento instance to Sellbrite.  Use this sample file at your own risk.  If you are not familiar with configuring .htaccess files, please contact someone that understands how to do it.  Modifying your .htaccess file incorrectly can disable your entire website.

SOAP Extension

For SOAP to work within the Magento application, the PHP SOAP extension ("") needs to be installed on the server. The SOAP extension can be enabled by editing the php.ini file if the extension is already installed.

It's best to ask the company that hosts your web site to install the SOAP extension for you. If they can't do it, ask one of your developers who helps maintain the store.

Here is the documentation from the PHP manual that will explain how to install and configure the SOAP extension. For RPM-based Linux distributions this is installed with the command "yum install php-soap".

You can check if your Magento application has full SOAP support by browsing to the page (replace '' with your actual store URL).

It should give you an XML-document, offering a detailed explanation about the usage of SOAP. If you see the message "0 Unable to load Soap extension on the server" or "0 SOAP extension is not loaded", then SOAP support is missing from the Webserver.


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