Duplicating Products

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This article will teach you how to duplicate a product in Sellbrite.

To create a new product that is the same or similar to another product you sell, you can simply duplicate the product which will create an exact copy.  The duplicate feature is available for both single products and products with variations.

To duplicate a product, first click on the product name in the Inventory Manager to go to the Edit Product page.

Then click on the Duplicate button in the top-right corner of the Edit Product page.

Since all products in Sellbrite require a unique SKU, you will need to give the new product (and variations, if applicable) a new SKU value.  Sellbrite automatically assigns an incremental number to the end of the original SKU to make it unique, but you can change it to whatever you want.  You can also update the initial inventory of the new product.

Click the Duplicate button to confirm, and your new product will be created.  You can then make any changes you wish to make and save the changes.

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