How To Solve for eBay's Product Identifier (Brand/MPN/GTIN) Mandate

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This article will teach you how to comply with eBay's Product Identifier / GTIN requirements.

eBay is strongly pushing its Product Identifier Mandate.

As of June 29th, 2015, eBay requires that sellers who list branded items in new or manufacturer refurbished condition in the certain categories must include the item's brand, manufacturer part number (MPN), and global trade item number (GTIN) to complete new listings or relist existing listings.

A GTIN is either a UPC, EAN, or ISBN.

For listings that are already live without the newly-required values, the next attempt to relist will return an error, requiring the new information to be entered.

How can Sellbrite help update your listings to be compliant?

To make it easy for you to update your listings, Sellbrite has built functionality to automatically pull the data from your Product Catalog whenever you publish active listings or relist ended listings from the Channels tab.

Here are the steps to update your listings:

  1. On the Products page, enter the Brand, MPN, and GTIN values into the Brand, Model Number, and Product ID fields for each of your products.  You can also do this in bulk using a CSV file.
  2. On the Channels page, either select your Active eBay listings and click Publish, or select your Ended eBay listings and click Relist, then click Publish. (Note: listings must be linked to products in order for the data to be updated on the listings)

What about Unbranded items, or items that don't have a GTIN?

If you're selling unbranded items, or if the items you're selling don't have a UPC, EAN, ISBN or MPN, simply leave the fields blank in your products and proceed to Step 2 above.  Sellbrite will automatically set the required "Unbranded" and "Does not apply" values to eBay to satisfy the mandate.

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