Say Hello to Charlie!

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We're thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Charlie Wilkins!

Sellbrite Team

Charlie is helping Sellbrite mature by improving the speed, reliability, and ease of use for a lot of the things you do every day.

Charlie is an avid fisherman and lover of Asian cuisine, and when he's not goat whispering (see above), boy does he write great code! Charlie comes to us with loads of experience from some of the biggest software companies in the LA area. We're lucky to have him.

And like the rest of the Sellbrite team, Charlie carries the standard for being really, really, ridiculously good looking.

Join us in welcoming Charlie!

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    Edie-Jane Clarke

    Welcome aboard Charlie. Best wishes for a long and successful career with Sellbrite!

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    Lily Park

    Welcome to the team! Hope to see Sellbrite move even quicker now! :]

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    Guillermo Moratorio

    Hello Charlie :)

    and to whoever wrote the intro with the link to the Zoolander clip. Thanks for the laughs.

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    Lacy Waechter

    Greetings Charlie, Great to have you here!