Orders & Shipping 101

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This article will provide you with an overview of the Orders and Shipping functionality.

Sellbrite pulls Orders from your connected sales channels for inventory and reporting purposes, as well as for fulfillment of those orders.

Orders overview

Orders are pulled into Sellbrite every 15 minutes from each sales channel.

By nature, orders that come into Sellbrite are for a Listing, which should be linked to Inventory, so that Sellbrite can adjust inventory quantities across all channels for that Product.

Inventory Syncing

Orders are displayed by their statuses, which also update every 15 minutes. When you click on the Orders tab, you will start in the 'Ready to Ship' tab by default.

Open orders include those that are Awaiting Payment, as well as those marked Ready to Ship.


Ordered inventory adjustments

An ordered item must be assigned to a warehouse location in order for Sellbrite to adjust inventory for that item.

Warehouse assignments happen automatically as long as an order is properly linked back to a SKU found in your Sellbrite Inventory. However, if the order happens to be from an unlinked listing for a product not found in your Sellbrite Inventory, or for some reason Sellbrite cannot match it to a product, the warehouse location will show (not assigned):

To assign an order to a warehouse location, simply open the order details and click the (not assigned) notification. This will open a popup where you can choose which warehouse you wish to ship from.

If the ordered product does not yet exist in your Sellbrite Inventory, you will need to add the product to your Sellbrite Inventory. If the product does already exist in your Sellbrite Inventory, you will then need to add inventory quantities to the already existing product in order to assign a warehouse.


Canceling orders

Currently only Jet and Walmart orders can be canceled directly in Sellbrite. To cancel any other orders, you must do so on the originating sales channel.

Once canceled, the 'Reserved' inventory from a canceled order will de-allocate and return to your 'Available' total.

Note: canceled orders that have already been marked as Shipped will NOT return to your inventory total. Only units that are not yet shipped will de-allocate from Reserved back to Available. Show me more.


Shipping orders

Orders can be processed and shipped directly from Sellbrite. Once an order is marked Ready to Ship, open the order details page to buy your postage and create the shipping label. Tracking Information will automatically appear in the Shipment section for the order and Sellbrite will then update the channel with the tracking info. Show me more.

If you use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), you can send orders to FBA automatically, or manually send them to FBA. Show me more

If you use ShipStation to print your shipping labels, you can direct all orders to flow into Shipstation, and Sellbrite will automatically retrieve tracking information from Shipstation once they ship. Show me more

You can also export your orders out of Sellbrite to send to any additional fulfillment software. Show me more

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