Linking Listings to Inventory Automatically

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This article will teach you how to link listings to inventory automatically

Listings must be linked to inventory in order for inventory sync and order sync to work properly.

Inventory Syncing

The linking functionality in Sellbrite is smart and efficient. Listings will be automatically linked to inventory whenever their respective SKUs match.

Linking during a Listing Import

Here are the scenarios for how Sellbrite will link listings to inventory during a Listing Import:

1) Inventory already exists

If Sellbrite finds a matching SKU for an imported listing, it will automatically link the imported listing to that SKU found in your Sellbrite Inventory. This is the best case scenario (and another good reason why you need SKUs).

2) Auto-build Inventory

If you choose to create new inventory from your listings, the link will be automatically created during that process, unless there is already a matching SKU for the listing, in which case inventory creation will be skipped (in order to prevent duplicates) and the listing will be linked, per above.

3) No Auto-build Inventory

If you choose not to auto-build inventory from your listings, Sellbrite will still search to find a SKU that matches each listing SKU, as mentioned above.

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