Linking Overview

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This article will teach you about linking.

Your inventory in Sellbrite can be linked to multiple listings across multiple sales channels.


The link between inventory and listings allows data to flow back and forth in Sellbrite.

Linking passes the available quantities of your inventory to your listings, as well as connecting orders from your listings back to your inventory in Sellbrite.

Inventory Syncing

There are 2 ways to link listings to inventory:

1) Link listings automatically

Listings are automatically linked to inventory anytime the listing SKU matches an inventory SKU. In order to unlink a listing that matches an inventory SKU exactly, you would need to delete the product. Show me more

2) Link listings manually

Listings can be manually linked to inventory from the Listing detail page. Listings can also be unlinked from one product/SKU and re-linked to another. Show me more

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