Importing Your Existing Listings

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This article will teach you how to import your existing listings from a sales channel.

Sellbrite can import your existing listings from any sales channel you connect. There are 2 goals when importing listings:

Import listing data

The first goal is to get your listings into Sellbrite so they can be managed moving forward.

Create products and/or link to products

The second goal is to link those listings to products in Sellbrite, so that inventory and order data can be synced between them. If there are no products in Sellbrite yet for your listings, you have the option to create them.

Creating products for your listings will also use the inventory quantities on those listings to build your initial inventory in Sellbrite.

How to import listings

To import your listings, go to Settings > Import Data, and choose the sales channel you wish to import within the Listings section.

The import page gives you two options when you run your import:

1) Import listings and automatically build new products

The most common option when importing listings is to automatically create products from them. This means that Sellbrite will pull the product information (images, title, description, etc.) from your listings and create products in your inventory, which represent what you physically have on hand. If your listings contain SKUs, they will also be retrieved and assigned to your products. If your listings do not contain SKUs, Sellbrite will automatically generate SKUs for you.


2) Import listings without automatically building products

The second option imports your listings but does not automatically build products from them. This option is generally only used when a merchant's SKUs differ from one channel to the next and the products in your inventory have already been built. Having unlinked listings allows you to manually link each listing to a desired product.

Whether done manually or automatically, it's important to make sure that your listings are linked to products so that your inventory quantities are consistent across all of your sales channels. For more information on the importance of linking, check out: Linking Overview

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    Ali Mok

    Is it possible to only import 'some' of the listings from a channel? That would be a nice feature. However at this time it looks like we have to import ALL listings on a channel if an import is implemented.