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This article will provide you with a brief overview of how Sellbrite integrates with Shopify.

Import existing products from Shopify

Import your existing products from Shopify so they can be managed moving forward from your Sellbrite account and to establish a link from Sellbrite to Shopify.

Create new Shopify products from Sellbrite

New Shopify products can be created from Sellbrite. Simply select the product or products you want to list, click the Create Listings button, choose Shopify and follow the steps to create the product listings.

Edit Shopify products from Sellbrite

Sellbrite helps you manage your live sales channel listings. Listings can be accessed from directly within Sellbrite, allowing you to make the changes or updates necessary without ever having log back into your sales channels directly.

Manage Inventory from Sellbrite

Inventory sync is one of the most powerful features in Sellbrite. Once activated, Sellbrite updates your listings every 15 minutes with the available inventory of the products the listings are linked to. 

Import orders from Shopify

Sellbrite pulls Orders from Shopify and any other connected channels, primarily for inventory and reporting purposes, as well as some functionality for Fulfillment of those orders.

Update orders with tracking information from Sellbrite

Sellbrite allows you to add a shipment directly to your orders, and pushes the information back to Shopify and out to your customer.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I update my inventory in Sellbrite from Shopify?

A: No. Sellbrite's inventory sync is the exact inverse of this method, allowing you to update inventory from one location (Sellbrite), which then updates all connected channels, including Shopify. Show me more


Q: Does Sellbrite integrate with Shopify POS?

A: Yes, but not directly. While there is no direct integration from Sellbrite to Shopify POS, your Shopify Store acts as the "middle-man" between Sellbrite and Shopify POS. This means that orders from Shopify POS will come into Sellbrite via your Shopify Store and inventory adjustments from Sellbrite will update Shopify POS via your Shopify Store.


Q: Can Sellbrite route orders from my other channels, like eBay and Amazon, back to my Shopify store?

A: No. All orders are imported into Sellbrite. If you use ShipStation, then Sellbrite can send all of your channel orders to your ShipStation account for easy fulfillment. Show me more


Q: If I update my products in Shopify (change name, description, etc.) will that update my products in Sellbrite and my listings on my sales channels.

A: No. Similar to inventory sync, product updates or changes should be made in Sellbrite first, then you can update your linked listings accordingly. Show me more


Q: What if I change my custom Shopify store domain?

A: If you change your Shopify store domain, Sellbrite will not immediately be able to sync data to your store. To correct this, you simply need to run a new listings import from Shopify to Sellbrite to refresh your Sellbrite channel with the new data.


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