Setting Up Your Inventory

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This article will teach you how to build a centralized inventory in Sellbrite.

How to build your inventory

There are 3 ways to build your inventory in Sellbrite:

Create inventory from your listings

Your inventory in Sellbrite can be built from the product listings on your Primary Sales Channel, and the stock levels from the primary channel will be set as your initial stock levels in Sellbrite. You have the option to create inventory from your listings during an import, which is a great way to build your catalog in bulk, quickly and efficiently.

You also have the option to create inventory from your listings one at a time. This is a good option if you wish to add a custom SKU or edit the data in your listing. Show me more

Create inventory with CSV

It is simple to bulk create inventory in Sellbrite using a CSV upload. The Product CSV template is easy to populate and can handle thousands of products in a single upload. Show me more

Create inventory individually 

For adding new products to Sellbrite, the easiest method might well be creating a product through the Sellbrite interface. This only takes a minute, and you can start listing the new product immediately. Show me more

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