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This article will teach you how to get the most out of your free trial.

**If you have not yet read the Sellbrite Introduction article, go back and read it now!**

Our 14-day free trial is designed to be the fastest way to get you up and running with a powerful multichannel inventory and listing management solution.

During setup, your live sales channels are completely safe. You can import your listings into Sellbrite and make changes without any data going back to your sales channels.

Until you turn on the Inventory Sync toggle, Sellbrite will not publish anything to your sales channels without your command. Once Inventory Sync is on, Sellbrite will begin managing inventory quantities for you.

What to look for during your trial:

We hope to demonstrate 3 things to you:

1) Ease of Use

Your first day using Sellbrite, you will see just how much easier it is to use than any other system for multichannel selling. We want you to see that every feature we build has thousands of hours of thought behind how to make it as simple as possible.

If you have feedback for us on how to make Sellbrite even easier, we expect you to share it!

2) Functionality

In your first few days, you'll be learning about the major features and functionality of Sellbrite. This will require you to spend some time in our Video Library, which we built specifically to help you learn quickly.

Sellbrite has a lot of features. We do not want you to try and learn everything during your trial. We look forward to showing you more advanced features and strategies once you've decided to work with us.

3) Support

We invest a ton of resources into supporting our merchants, and your trial will give you a glimpse of just how serious we take your success.

We're always a click, call, or email away if you need help getting started, have questions, or just want some help with strategy. Our commitment to customer success is well documented online, so please use us!

What we expect from you:

We expect you to be committed to growing your business. Implementing any new system requires an investment of time and resources, and you should be prepared to make that investment.

Learning a new system, even one as simple and intuitive as Sellbrite, takes a dedicated effort. If you are not yet ready to commit the time to learn how to use Sellbrite, neither of us will be satisfied with the end result.

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    Peter Hissong

    Is there / are there - limits during the 14-day free trial? Meaning... can only work with n products, or n sales channels during the trial?