Creating Inventory from Listings (recommended)

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This article will teach you how to create inventory in Sellbrite from your existing listings, both in bulk and individually.

Sellbrite can use the data in your listings to build your inventory in your Sellbrite account. 

You can either create your inventory in bulk from all of your existing listings (recommended), or one by one from individual listings.

Creating Inventory In Bulk from Your Listings

This is the easiest method to create your inventory in Sellbrite and the method we recommend.

Inventory can be automatically built from your listings as they are being imported into Sellbrite from one of your sales channels.  If you have already imported your listings into Sellbrite, you will simply need to start a new import and choose the option to automatically build products.

To import your listings, go to Settings > Import Data, and choose the channel you want to import from.

On the import listings page, select the option to "Automatically build products from these imported listings".

Sellbrite will use the SKUs in your listings to create your inventory. If you do not have SKUs on your listings (i.e. Etsy merchants), we will autogenerate SKUs for you.


If you use different SKUs for your listings on every channel, you run the risk of creating duplicate inventory items when you import. Sellbrite will not be able to automatically identify that different SKUs are actually the same inventory. Show me more


Creating Inventory from an Individual Listing

To create inventory for a single listing, go to your Listings Manager, located in the Listings tab.

Find the listing you wish to use to build inventory, and click into the title.


Click Create New Product on the top of the page.

You'll then be prompted to add a SKU for your new inventory. If your listing already has a SKU, it will be displayed below the title, as shown below.

Simply copy that SKU into the new inventory SKU field.

Once you're done, your new inventory will be created, and this listing will be linked to it. You will see the link notification on the top of the Listing Page.



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