Listing/Product Data Provided (and Not Provided) by Amazon

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This article will explain the data that Amazon provides and doesn't provide when we import your listings into Sellbrite.

It is best NOT to rely on Amazon for data for the products that you sell.  Amazon restricts what data is available to download because of copyright restrictions (in the case of descriptions and images) and other API limitations. 

You should always obtain your product data and images from the manufacturers or suppliers of your products, or write it yourself. Yes, this may be more work, but it's the legal, responsible and ethical way to run your business. You should also not use any data that was "scraped" from the Amazon website, as this practice is against Amazon's policies and can result in a suspension of your selling privileges.

Data Amazon Provides

  • SKU, ASIN, price, quantity, condition, condition note
  • Main product image
  • When available: brand, manufacturer, model number, dimensions, weight, UPC/EAN/ISBN

Data Amazon Does NOT Provide

  • Product descriptions (unless you wrote it - otherwise, descriptions are copyrighted by Amazon)
  • Product features ("bullet points" #1 - 5)
  • Additional images and high-resolution images
  • Restock date, handling time, sale price, search terms
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