Setting Handling Time on Your Amazon Listings

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This article will teach you how to set Handling Time on your Amazon listings.

Before explaining how to set your Handling Time, it's important that you understand a fundamental issue that exists in the Amazon system regarding Handling Time.

The issue is that when you import your existing Amazon listings into Sellbrite, Amazon does not include the Handling Time values with your listing data, so we are unable to obtain any values you set in Seller Central.  Further, when updating your inventory on your Amazon listings from a third-party solution like Sellbrite, Amazon will reset the Handling Time on your listings back to the default value if no Handling Time value is specified with the inventory feed.  Therefore, the Handling Time values MUST be set in Sellbrite if you want them to remain on your Amazon listings.

You can set the Handling Time on your Amazon listings in Sellbrite one-by-one on each listing or in bulk by applying a Listing Preset to your listings.

To set the Handling Time one-by-one

  1. Go to the Listings tab, then choose your Amazon account
  2. Find and click the listing to set the Handling Time on
  3. Scroll down to the Handling Time field and enter a value in days
  4. Click on Save & Publish Changes


To set the Handling Time in bulk using Listing Presets

  1. Go to the Channels tab, and click on the large Amazon icon in the middle of the page
  2. Click on the Listing Presets link
  3. Either add a new preset or edit an existing preset
  4. Scroll down to the Listing Options section and enter a value for Handling Time
    Listing Preset Handling Time
  5. Save the Preset
  6. Choose your Amazon account from the slide-out menu on the left side of the page
  7. Select the listings that you want to apply the Listing Preset (and associated Handling Time) to by checking the checkboxes next to each listing
  8. Click the Apply a Preset button and select the preset you saved in step 5.
    Apply Preset
  9. Confirm you would like to apply the preset
  10. Those listings will now show with the Edited icon, which means they still need to be published to Amazon
  11. Select those listings again, and click the Publish Listings button
    Publish Edited Listing


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    Dan Piscitelli

    I have 600+ product variations and will be adding many more hundreds. I made a bulk edit and when publishing the changes I was slowed down by the limit of 100 product views per page. It would be nice to be able to publish edits for all products rather than being limited to only 100 at a time.

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    Michael Ugino

    Thanks for the comment, Dan. We're always looking at ways of improving our listing management process, and your feedback is very helpful.