Shipping Orders Outside Sellbrite

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This article will teach you how to add and cancel order shipments created outside Sellbrite.

For merchants who ship orders directly from a carrier account (FedEx, USPS, etc.), getting tracking info back to the sales channel can be cumbersome.

Sellbrite allows you to add shipment details to your orders by including the tracking information and marking an order as shipped. This pushes the information back to the sales channel and out to your customer.

Marking an order as shipped (Adding shipment information)

First, open the order that needs the shipping detail information. Then click ‘Mark as Shipped.'


Select the Ship Date from the calendar. Enter the Tracking Number, and select the Carrier. Click ‘Save Shipment


That's it! Your shipment confirmation will push back to the channel and out to your customer, and the order will be marked 'Shipped' in Sellbrite.


Canceling shipments on orders

Sometimes a shipping label is created with an error, or a shipment is added with the wrong carrier in your Sellbrite account.

No worries! To cancel a shipment that was added manually, or via a shipping integration like Shipstation, first find your order. Then scroll to the bottom of the order to view your shipments for that order. You'll see a "Cancel Shipment" button on the left of each of your shipments.


Remove your shipment by clicking the "Cancel Shipment" button. Any new shipments you subsequently add to the order will be passed back to the order on its originating channel.

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