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This article will teach you how to export order data out of your account.

The Export Data page gives you tools to get your data out of Sellbrite, so you can do what you need with it. 

The Export Data page lives in Settings, under Application Settings.

Exporting order data

You can export order data out of your account at any time so you can load the orders into your accounting software or ERP. Order exports simply require entering a date range in MM/DD/YY format.

Order data is exported in CSV format. You'll receive a notification in the app that your export is ready, along with an email confirmation. Download the file from either place.

Order data includes the following columns:

Order ID
Order Date
Order Status
Channel Name
Channel Order ID
Paid Date
Shipped Date
Canceled Date
Shipping Method
LineItem Number
LineItem SKU
LineItem Name
LineItem Quantity
LineItem Fulfilled
LineItem Price
Billing Name
Billing Street
Billing Address 1
Billing Address 2
Billing Company
Billing City
Billing Zip
Billing Province
Billing Country
Billing Phone
Billing Email
Shipping Name
Shipping Street
Shipping Address 1
Shipping Address 2
Shipping Company
Shipping City
Shipping Zip
Shipping Province
Shipping Country
Shipping Phone
Shipping Email

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