Draft Listings

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This article will teach you how to work with Draft Listings.

Draft listings are simply unpublished listings that can still be edited before being published live to your sales channel.

You can view your draft listings for each channel inside the "Draft" tab of the Listing Manager.


What to know about draft listings

1) They are not yet live

Draft listings are not yet live on your sales channel. You'll need to select your draft listings and click "Publish" in order to take them live.

2) You can update them in bulk

Forgot to change a setting in your Listing Preset? You can actually re-apply a Listing Preset to your listings in order to make some bulk changes before taking them live. Simply check the listings you need to update, and find the "Apply Preset" dropdown at the top of the page.

Returning to the Listing Builder

If you click the Listing Builder tab from your Listing Manager page, you'll return to the last batch of products you were listing.

So if you were in the last step of enriching your eBay listings and left the Listing Builder, you can return to those draft listings by simply clicking back into the Listing Builder.

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