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This article will teach you how to create new listings from products found in your selling manager.

Listings can be created from the products found in your Sellbrite Selling Manager to most channels that Sellbrite integrates with. Show me more.

Create Listings

To create a listing onto one of your connected sales channels, find the product(s) you wish to list in the Selling Manager, check the checkboxes to the left of the product images, and then select Create Listings at the top of the page.

Pro Tip: Have a variation product and only want to list one of those variations?

Choose the channel you wish to create listings for the selected products from the dropdown and you'll now enter into the Listing Builder, located in the Listings tab. The steps in the Listing Builder are different for each sales channel, but the process is simple and efficient for all. 

While you can list up to 100 items at a time with the Listing Builder, it is highly recommended to start with just a few until you get the hang of how it works.

Listing products to each channel involves completing just a few steps, such as mapping your conditions (above). It is very similar to the checkout process of an online shopping cart page.

During the listing process, you'll be asked to apply a Listing Preset to your batch of listings. Listing Presets allow you to store frequently used settings for each channel, so you don't have to repeat your work. Show me more

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