Linking Listings to Inventory Manually

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This article will teach you how to link listings to inventory manually.

Listings must be linked to inventory in order for Inventory Sync and order sync to work properly.

Inventory Syncing

The linking functionality in Sellbrite is smart and efficient. Even when SKUs don't match between a listing and inventory, listings can be manually linked to inventory, quickly and simply.

To link a listing to an inventory item, find the unlinked listing in your Listings Manager and hover over the red "Unlinked" icon on the left of the title.

Inside the listing details page, an unlinked listing will show a yellow warning that it is not linked to a product. It will also show a red "unlinked" icon.

To link the listing to a product, simply click "Find & Link Product". You will be shown a popup window that allows you to search for the product to link.

If your listing SKU matches a SKU or title already in Sellbrite, it will be automatically shown here. Sellbrite will also show any other products with similar SKUs and product titles.

If the product is not found immediately, you can revise your search in the search box, and Sellbrite will automatically search again.

Simply click "Select", and the listing will be linked to that product.

If you find your listing linked to the wrong product, you can click "(unlink)" to remove the link, and then repeat the process above.

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