Confirm Inventory Quantities

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This article will teach you how to confirm quantities for your newly created inventory in Sellbrite.

Let's review. So far you've completed the following steps:

  1. Connected one or more sales channels Go
  2. Setup your inventory Go

If you created inventory from your sales channel listings, we also added the stock levels from those listings at the time of import. This is your initial inventory.

If you created products from CSV, you will still need to add quantities to Sellbrite. Show me more

Confirm your quantities

You are about to let Sellbrite actively manage the quantities on your sales channels. In order to start off on the right foot, you'll need to first make sure your inventory quantities are correct in Sellbrite.

To confirm your inventory quantities, go to the Inventory Manager located in the Inventory tab.

You will see all of your inventory items, along with the quantity you have available. This is where you will go to add and adjust your inventory quantities from now on. Show me more

For products with variations, you will only see the child SKUs on this page, since parent products do not have inventory quantities. They will all be listed individually by their unique SKU.

Review your inventory data outside Sellbrite

Some merchants prefer using spreadsheets. To review your quantities outside of Sellbrite, you can easily Export your data out of our system into a spreadsheet. Show me more

If you need to make quantity updates in bulk, you can simply edit the export file and save it with a new name.

Import your newly confirmed data back into Sellbrite using the CSV inventory import. Show me more

Before moving forward with Sellbrite inventory management, it's necessary to confirm that your inventory quantities in Sellbrite are accurate.

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